I have never used Cheap Airport Parking JFK, how does it work?

When you arrive at Cheap Airport Parking JFK our signs will direct you where to stop your vehicle. Please stay in your vehicle and an attendant will come out to your car to assist you with checking in, issuing a claim check for your vehicle, and take your keys. Our shuttle driver will assist you with your luggage and then take you to JFK International Airport. Upon return arrival, simply give us a call after you claimed your luggage. A shuttle will come pick you up and we’ll have you on your way to your awaiting vehicle.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open and running 24/7, 365 days a year.

Do I need a reservation?

To better serve you, we ask that you make a reservation online to guarantee our lowest pricing. However, we understand last-minute travel plans and are happy to accommodate your needs. We ask that you call us at 1(888) 250 2636 before arriving to insure available space.

Do I have to leave my keys?

Leaving your keys ensures the maximum level of care and security for your vehicle. This allows us to assume responsibility for your vehicle in your absence, in addition to preparing for your arrival for your convenience. If you remain in possession of your keys throughout your stay, we cannot assume responsibility for your vehicle but are still happy to accommodate you.

When Should I arrive at Cheap Airport Parking JFK?

For your convenience, please plan to arrive at Cheap Airport Parking JFK at least 180 minutes prior to your international departure time and 150 – 180 minutes prior to your domestic departures.

How often do the shuttles run?

Due to our immediate proximity to the airport (less than 5 miles), we are able to run our shuttles on an on-demand basis. When you arrive at Cheap Airport Parking JFK, we will get you on your way to the airport once you and your vehicle have been checked-in (25-30 minutes).

When I arrive back from my trip, how do I get back to Cheap Airport Parking JFK to pick up my car?

Upon check-in prior to your departure, you will have been provided with a ticket number and our phone number. We ask that you call us for pick-up after claiming your luggage so that you are waiting a minimal amount of time since standing at the terminal is not allowed. Once you have called for pick-up, a branded shuttle will pick you up at the passenger pick up location for your terminal. Typical pick up time is 10-15 minutes but may vary due to traffic.

What do you charge if I am several hours late when returning to pick up my car?

Our billing policies reflect our industry-standard 24-hour billing cycle. Your daily rate will be applied for every new 24-hour window that your stay overlaps. Example: CHECK-IN 1/1/13 8AM – CHECK-OUT 1/3/13 10AM will be billed as 3 days.

What types of services do you offer?

Your daily rate includes valet parking and staging, luggage assistance, complimentary shuttle service, and 24/7 security for your parked vehicle.

What is the cancellation policy?

For the efficiency of our staff, we ask that you call us with reservation changes.

How do I cancel or change my reservation?

If your travel plans change for any reason, feel free to cancel or change your reservation online using your reservation confirmation number, or by submitting an inquiry to our info@cheapairportparkingjfk.com. You can also call us at any time at 1 (888) 250 2636

How will receive my reservation?

Upon completion of checkout you will automatically be emailed your receipt and reservation voucher. This will provide you with all the information that you need for a quick check in at the parking lot.

When it snows, am I responsible for cleaning or shoveling out my car?

We try to prepare your car for your arrival within the limits of vehicle safety policies. Our goal is to have most snow removal taken care of within reason, and without putting your vehicle at risk. Assuming you have elected to leave your keys with us we will have your car warmed up and awaiting your arrival.